Feeling good , ways to feel better every day

Spend time with your pet.
Owning a pet is good for your physical and mental
health. Many studies have shown that spending time
with your pet eases feelings of stress, loneliness, and
depression. It may even lower blood pressure. Try to
spend some time with your pet every day. After a long
day at work, playing with your pet is a great way to
unwind and reduce stress.
If your circumstances don’t allow you to own a pet,
offer to walk a friend’s pet.

Look at something beautiful.
The simple act of pausing in your hectic day and
looking at something beautiful can improve your
outlook and make you feel good.
• Put a picture of someone you love in your work area.
• Take a moment to watch the sunset.
• Put a vase of flowers in your work area.
• Hang a favorite print or painting where you’ll enjoy
it each day.

• Breathe! One of the fastest ways to relax the body and
calm the mind is to breathe deeply.

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