MS project -What causes overallocation, and manually resolved an over allocation.

MS project -What causes over allocation, and manually resolved an over allocation.

• You can find on MS project : in Tools menu –click Level Resources

• Resource leveling is the process of delaying or splitting a resource’s work on a task to resolve an overallocation.

• The options in the Level Resources dialog box enable you to set parameters about
how you want Project to resolve resource overallocations.

• Project will attempt to resolve such overallocations when you choose to level resources. Depending on the options you choose, this might involve delaying the start date of an assignment or task or splitting the work on the task.

• Resource leveling is a powerful tool, it does a few basic things:
o Delays tasks, splits tasks, and delays resource assignments.

• Resource leveling is a great fine-tuning tool, but it cannot replace your good judgment about resource availability.


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