Decision Making,

There are four basic decision styles normally used by project managers: command, consultation, consensus, and coin flip (random).

There are four major factors that affect the decision style: time constraints, trust, quality, and acceptance. Project managers may make decisions individually, or they may involve the project team in the decision-making process.

Project managers and project teams sometimes use a decision-making model or process such as the six-phase model shown below.

1. Problem Definition—Fully explore, clarify, and define the problem.

2. Problem Solution Generation—Prolong the new idea generating process by brainstorming multiple solutions and discouraging premature decisions.

3. Ideas to Action—Define evaluation criteria, rate pros and cons of alternatives, select best solution.

4. Solution Action Planning—Involve key participants to gain acceptance and commitment to making the solution work.

5. Solution Evaluation Planning—Post-implementation analysis, evaluation, and lessons learned.

6. Evaluation of the Outcome and Process—Evaluate how well the problem was solved or project goals were achieved (extension of previous phase).

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