Failure in managing change

Recognizing the factors for failure in managing change:

  • Lack of consistent leadership
  • Demotivated staff kept in the dark
    • “it’s not my job”
    • “I haven’t got time”
    • “the boss doesn’t care anyway”
  • Lack of capacity: budget cuts, no spend-to-save policy, short-term approach to investment, stressed out staff working hard just to stand still
  • Lack of initiative to “do something different”


These  factors for failure then lead to the ‘tread-mill effect:

  • No time for reflection, planning and learning
  • No improvement in design and implementation
  • Decreasing need to do something
  • Increasing failure and unplanned consequences


Implementing Change

The four key factors for success when implementing change within an organization are:
! Pressure for change – demonstrated senior management commitment is essential
! A clear, shared vision – you must take everyone with you.This is a shared agenda that benefits the whole organization
! Capacity for change – you need to provide the resources: time and finance
! Action – and performance – “plan, do, check, act” – and keep communication channels open

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