Influencing & Motivation,


Influencing is a strategy of sharing power and relying on interpersonal skills to get others to cooperate towards common goals. Using the following guidelines can influence team members:

  • Lead by example, and follow through with commitments
  • Clarify how a decision will be made
  • Use a flexible interpersonal style, adjust the style to the audience
  • Apply your power skillfully and cautiously. Think of long-term collaboration



  • Project teams are comprised of team members with diverse backgrounds, expectations, and individual objectives. The overall success of the project depends upon the project team’s commitment, which is directly related to their level of motivation.
  • Motivating in a project environment involves creating an environment to meet project objectives while offering maximum self-satisfaction related to what people value most.
  • These values may include job satisfaction, challenging work, a sense of accomplishment, achievement and growth, sufficient financial compensation, and other rewards and recognition the individual considers necessary and important

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