Problems related to project requirements



Project’s Requirements

The most difficult part of a new project is often deciding where to begin. Expectations are high, while time,cost,resources are limited but the requirements most often “float”.
one of  the critical thing about to begin projects is requirements, how to  identify requirement while some people mention is heart of project itself,
Unclearly requirements, not detailed requirements,inadequate initial requirments,  will be a huge time bomb for these project ,
Problems related to project requirements:
  • Features are missing
  • Unnecessary features have been included
  • Features that work differently than expected
  • Necessary features that nobody thought about
  • Dispute to the conclusion of a project,
    • Disputes between customer and Project team regarding the interpretation and the provision of all required features.
    • Attempts to include last minute changes
A project manager should avoid committing to either development schedule or budget before the project has been adequately defined. In most cases, a firm commitment can be given only after the requirements are concluded.
      • If the requirements of a project are not met, then adhering to the budget and schedule becomes meaningless.
      • A customer or user will not always provide the correct requirements. It is often the project team’s responsibility to ask the right questions in order to collect the necessary information.


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