Project life cycle

Project life cycle



Project life cycle

A project life cycle is the series of phases that a project passes through from its initiation to its closure.

It should not be confused with the Project Management Process Groups, because the processes in a Process Group consist of activities that may be performed and recur within each phase of a project as well as for the project as a whole. The project life cycle is independent from the life cycle of the product produced by or modified by the project

Project life cycle structure:

  • Starting the project,
    • How to obtaining authorization to begin project.
  • Organizing and preparing,
    • Developing comprehensive of  project planning
  • Carrying out the project work,
    • Executing activities based on project planning
  • Closing the project.
    • Finalizing all activities of project

Successfully performing these processes requires the following:

✓ Information: Accurate, timely, and complete data for the planning, performance monitoring, and final assessment of the project
✓ Communication: Clear, open, and timely sharing of information with appropriate individuals and groups throughout the project’s duration
✓ Commitment: Team members’ personal promises to produce the agreed-upon results on time and within budget


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