Become a Giver n Care

​Become a Giver. 
The more you give, the more you get.

 Maybe not right away, but in the long run. At least this is the premise of Karma. 

Find ways to help others. Yes, you will run into takers, hurdlers, and climbers who will abuse your giving but don’t let this stop you. Be the person who helps people when they stumble or struggle. The key here is to become known as someone who is an asset by actions, not words.
The best way to overcome some of the challenging people ,is to simply and truly care about your job, your profession.
 This is an individual choice. 
Care about your co-workers, care about your people, care about your clients, care about your company, and care about your job. 
When you become more passionate about these things, you will improve, you will influence change, and you will be the person who steps into the gap to drive change that will lead to success.
 Remember that caring is a personal choice and it’s something you can control.

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