Jangan pernah percaya politikus, setidaknya kucing membuktikan ,  David Cameron’s worst lie is finally revealed: Larry the cat

Larry adalah kucing bukan sembarangan, walaupun hanya kucing kampung biasa namun mempunyai priveledge luar biasa,

sayangnya politikus  pintar memanfaatkan hal2 seperti itu, bagaimana kucing peliharaan yg ditinggal kala ownernya -berpindah kediaman, pretended?

what sort of man moves house and leaves his cat behind?

 The Telegraph:

David Cameron’s worst lie is finally revealed: Larry the cat

12 JULY 2016 • 12:14PM
When prime ministers leave, there is a chance to clear the decks, empty out the Rubbish and start afresh. David Cameron’s departure is no exception. 
As he leaves Downing Street, we have an opportunity to assess and analyse all that he did in office, to place his actions and choices in proper historical context.  Will posterity record him as an ultimately disappointing prime minister, a man who never quite lived up to his potential and then destroyed his own premiership in a spectacular act of self harm over the referendum?
Or will we recall him in a more rounded way, remembering that he did rather more then call and lose that referendum, that he gave the country stable government in 2010 when it was sorely needed and that he kept the union together in the face of rising Scottish nationalism?

And of course will get the chance to assess some of the claims he made during his time in office, and maybe identify the ones that weren’t entirely honest. For example his immigration policy, which is surely due a more critical examination: the man who promised to get immigration down below 100,000 made the promise knowing that he could not deliver it and that were he to do so it would not be in the interests of the UK economy. Likewise the referendum that ended him: he didn’t really want to do it in the first place and promised it hoping it never have to deliver on the promise.
But those of questions for historians to answer another day. Today I want to talk about cats. 

Or rather one cat in particular: Larry the Downing Street cat. 
Larry, the 10 Downing Street cat, sits on the cabinet table wearing a British Union Jack bow tie ahead of the Downing Street street party, in central London, on April 28, 2011
Larry the cat sits on the cabinet table ahead of the Downing Street street party in 2011 CREDIT: BEN STANSALL/AFP
While the rest of the Cameron retinue is clearing out this week, Larry is staying on with Theresa May. Which raises all sorts of questions, but first: what sort of man moves house and leaves his cat behind?
The answer: a man who doesn’t like cats and never really owned the cat in question. 
That’s right, Larry was a lie, an exercise in spin and branding. He was confected by spin doctors who thought the idea of Mr Cameron having a cat would make him more likeable and warm, more like ordinary people. But the man himself didn’t like Larry and he doesn’t like cats. 
A combination of images shows ‘Larry’, the Downing Street cat, being let in to 10 Downing Street before a photocall involving British Prime Minister David Cameron and BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer in central London, on June 9, 2011
Anyone who has spoken privately to Mr Cameron about Larry could sense the lack of affection: he refers to Larry as “it”, not “he”, for instance.  
Our soon to be ex-premier is a dog person, a chocolate Labrador of a man: solidly and reliably posh, keen to please and unable to resist leaping into any body of water that he passes. (He’ll swim a lot in retirement.)
Larry, the new cat for 10 Downing Street, walks down the stairs of the Prime Minister David Cameron’s official residence in London, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011

Larry flees the terrible weight of history CREDIT: MARK LARGE/AP PHOTO
Because of all that, Larry didn’t live with the Camerons in their flat. He was confined to the office complex downstairs, fed and tended by No 10 staff and often asleep on a radiator in the main reception hall behind the famous black door. And that’s where he’ll stay under Mrs May while the Camerons move on to their next, cat-free home. 
So here’s an epitaph for Mr Cameron: A dog person who pretended to like cats

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