Misi rahasia Pesawat luar angkasa militer intelijen US, yg telah mengorbit 500 hari mengelilingi Bumi.

Is it a plane? Is it a satellite? Is it a space weapon?

Ini pesawat ? Satelit ? Atau pesawat perang luar angkasa ?

Tdk ada yg tahu persis,

Sangat rahasia. Walau 500 hari mengorbit.

Hebatnya ini adalah pesawat tanpa awak, sepenuhnya digerakkan computer.

Diluncurkan Oleh  US military on 20 May 2015,  pesawat tanpa awak  X-37B plane ini menggelar misi mengelililingi orbit bumi dan telah kembali ke bumi.

Part of the Air Force’s orbital programme, the OTV-4 (which stands for Orbital Test Vehicle-4) is the fourth craft of its kind to stay in space for reasons unknown to those outside the hush-hush military project. The programme has been grabbing the attention of curious folk and conspiracy theorists since 2010 when the first robotic OTV was launched and spent 224 in orbit.

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