Tesla’s Powerwall , solusi energi surya masa depan, murah , ramah lingkungan

Apa yg penting anda perlu ketahui tentang perusahaan energy masa depan ini ?
dlm 2015, tesla Mengeluarkan terobosan baru Tesla powerwall, rechargeable lithium ion dgn berat sekitar 200 pound yg dpt kita tempelkan ke dinding,  bekerja sama dgn Panasonic utk membuat cell, sementara tesla membuat battery module dan pack nya.

 terdpt dua   versions  Powerwall: a 6.4 kilowatt-hour model that cost $3,000 and a 10 kWh option priced at $3,500

Utk diketahui,rata2  the average person in the US uses about 30 kWh of power a day.
The Powerwall dpt menyimpan electricity yg di generated oleh solar panels

Ini menguntungkan utk setiap pengguna, selain utk membackup listrik dr padam listrik juga, memberikan solusi lbh hemat drpd menggunakan genset.
The Powerwall juga modular, anda dpt meng install sampai 9 batteries side by side to store more power. 

Ketika pertama di launching, Tesla langsung menerima 38000 preorder. Pd awal 2016.

In March, Tesla discontinued its 10 kWh battery option, making its 6.4 kWh battery its only option.

The inverter converts the electricity generated from the solar panels to an alternating current that can be used for power.
Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0, dgn harga  $5,500, comes with the inverter included.
 Ellon Musk said ini dpt menyimpan  13.5 kWh of energy and provide 5 kWh of continuous power, but will improve to 7 kWh at peak. This means that the Powerwall 2.0 has twice the energy and twice the storage as the previous 6.4 kWh Powerwall.

The new battery also comes with a design update. Powerwall 2.0 is more rectangular and flatter than the previous generation. It weighs 269 pounds and is 6.1 inches deep.

Tesla estimates it will cost $1,000 to install Powerwall 2.0. The first units are expected to ship in December, with installations beginning January 2017.

Tesla also has a Powerpack battery option that can power infrastructures bigger than a home, like a business or even an entire city. When Musk first introduced the Powerpack in 2015, a unit could store 100 kWh of energy. Musk said at the time that 160 million Powerpacks could power the entire US.

Musk introduced Powerpack 2.0 in a blog post before the Friday night event. The new Powerpack now stores 210 kWh per unit. The Powerpack also comes with an inverter.

Tesla and its partners have invested about $5 billion to get its giant battery plant, the Gigafactory, to achieve full production by 2017. The Nevada-based factory is expected to build 500,000 batteries a year by the end of the decade once it is fully operational.

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