How to guide in the setting of Project’s objectives ?

Have you ever had this feeling about a project?

  • Always complicated things?
  • Always a complex’s things?
  • . Far Far away , seem like You and Sun
  • Oo Makes us headeache ,  . aspirin .. where is it..

Scenic View of Beach

Not your imagine

But you will amaze,  you are within projects in daily life instead.

Makes easier life, makes your more money.

Makes your brand recognition, more reputation, more market share, more trademarks..


Project can be small, medium or larger

  • You plan of your wedding
  • You plan for vacation
  • You changed your colour of room’s wall
  • Man goes to mars
  • We are build of building undersea
  • We are build railway intercountry

So What is Project  ?

Temporary  endeavor undertaken  to create unique product,service,or result.

  • Temporary endeavor  means  Has a definite: Start or Beginning  & Finish or end,  could be short , medium, or  long duration
  • Project’s has Producing Unique’s deliverables : Product  or service or result or combinations.
  • Project should be fulfill objectives.

Thinking what you are done past, and Can you count how many total project have you done, is always success ?

What’s the difference between success and fail ?

If  we built  a bridge, and  collapsed ,  Whats happen.. ?

Criteria to guide in the setting of Project’s objectives,

SMART – Specific , Measurable,  Achievable , Relevant and Timely

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SMART Description Remarks
Specific Clear about what is to be Done, why, how,where.

Where do we want to be, How do we get there, strategic

Target, Objectives, Goals , Project Charter, Project management Plan, project strategy
Measurable Quantify,Trackable,  baseline versus actual works – Result.  be measured against a current baseline.

How to we check we got there

Regularly  report ( issues, problem,mitigating etc) , Reporting status : Percentage completed, S curve ,Earned Value Management
Achievable/ Attainable Who, whom, Achievable within agreed of resources, given available resources. Resources needed detailed
Relevant Reflecting what stakeholders need and want, customers needs & expectation , user requirements Compliances, SIT,UAT, ATP,Commisioning, BAST
Timely When , Constrained by time,  on time target, meet with deadlines,time frame, time limited Proposal, Contract, KOM ,MoM, Project schedule,

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