Indonesian List of cities, towns & Postal Codes in MS Excel xlsx


Indonesia has 34 provinces, Its capital is Jakarta. Indonesian List of cities, towns ,   : summary In MS Excel xlsx

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Indonesian as kodepos, consist of 5 digits.

  • The first digit indicates the region in which a given post office falls in,
  • The second and third digits indicate the regency(kabupaten) or city (kota),
  • The fourth digit indicates the subdistrictor kecamatan within the kabupaten or kota,
  • The fifth digit indicates villageor kelurahan/desa.

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an exception for Jakarta postal codes :

  • The third digit indicates the district (kecamatan)
  • The fourth digit indicates the subdistrict (kelurahan)
  • The fifth digit is a “0”.

Indonesian Postal Codes & detailed Cities,towns,district, In MS Excel xlsx :Indonesia Ku_ Province_City-Kab_Kecamatan_Kelurahan_Postal Code – Rev02_revised_NTT

There are postal code zones covering the Indonesian provinces or islands as follows :

First digit Postal zone
1 Jakarta
2 Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, Riau Islands
3 Bengkulu, Jambi, Bangka Belitung, South Sumatra, Lampung
4 Banten, West Java
5 Central Java, Yogyakarta
6 East Java
7 Kalimantan
8 Bali, Nusa Tenggara
9 Sulawesi , Maluku, Papua

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