PMBOK 5 Vs PMBOK 6 , detailed differences of Table Of Contents

Pmbok 5
Project Management Knowledge Areas

Project environment
Role Of project Manager
Intro Project Knowledge Area
Project Management Process Group ( IPE M&C C)


1.1Overview & purpose of this guide
1.1.1The standard for project management
1.1.2Common Vocabulary
1.1.3Code Ethics and Profesional Conduct
1.2Foundational Elements
1.2.2The importance of project management
1.2.3Relationship of project program portfolio & operational management
1.2.4Components of the guide
1.2.6Project Management Business Documents

The environment  of
which projects operate
2.2Enterprise Environmental Factors
2.2.1EEFs Internal to organization
2.2.2EEFs External to organization
2.3Organizational process assets
2.3.1Process Policies & procedures
2.3.2Organizational knowledge repositories
2.4Organizational Systems
2.4.2Organizational Governance Frameworks
2.4.3Management elements
2.4.4Organizational structure types
The role Of the project manager
3.2Definition of project manager
3.3The project manager sphere of influence
3.3.2Definition of a project manager
3.3.3The project manager’s sphere of influences Overview The Project The Organization The Industri Professional Discipline Across Discipline
3.4Project Manager Competences
3.4.2Technical Project management skills
3.4.3Strategic & business management skills
3.4.4Leadership skills
3.4.5Comparation of leadership and management
3.5Performing Integration
3.5.1Performing Integration at The process level
3.5.2Integration at the context level
3.5.3Integration at the cognitive level
3.5.4Integration & complexity
Project Integration
4.1Develop Project charter
4.1.1Develop Project charter: input
4.1.2Develop Project charter: tool & techniques
4.1.3Develop Project charter: outputs
4.2Develop Project  Management Plan
4.2.1Develop Project  Management Plan:input
4.2.2Develop Project  Management Plan: tool & techniques
4.2.3Develop Project  Management Plan: Output
4.3Direct and manage Project work
4.3.1Direct and manage Project work:input
4.3.2Direct and manage Project work: tool & techniques
4.3.3Direct and manage Project work: Output
4.4Manage Project Knowledge
4.4.1Manage Project Knowledge: input
4.4.2Manage Project Knowledge: tool & techniques
4.4.3Manage Project Knowledge:output
4.5Monitor & Control Project Works
4.5.1Monitor & control Project Works: input
4.5.2Monitor & control Project Works: tool & techniques
4.5.3Monitor & control Project Works:output
4.6Perform Integrated change control
4.6.1Perform Integrated change control: input
4.6.2Perform Integrated change control: tool & techniques
4.6.3Perform Integrated change control:output
4.7Close Project or phase
4.7.1Close Project or phase: input
4.7.2Close Project or phase: tool & techniques
4.7.3Close Project or phase:output
Project Scope Management
5.1Plan Scope Management
5.1.1Plan Scope Management: input
5.1.2Plan Scope Management: tool & techniques
5.1.3Plan Scope Management:output
5.2Collect requirements
5.2.1Collect requirements: input
5.2.2Collect requirements: tool & techniques
5.2.3Collect requirements:output
5.3Define scope
5.3.1Define scope: input
5.3.2Define scope: tool & techniques
5.3.3Define scope:output
5.4Create WBS
5.4.1Create WBS: input
5.4.2Create WBS: tool & techniques
5.4.3Create WBS:output
5.5Validate Scope
5.5.1Validate Scope: input
5.5.2Validate Scope: tool & techniques
5.5.3Validate Scope:output
5.6Control Scope
5.6.1Control Scope: input
5.6.2Control Scope: tool & techniques
5.6.3Control Scope:output
Project Schedule Management
6.1Plan Schedule Management
6.1.1Plan Schedule Management: input
6.1.2Plan Schedule Management: tool & techniques
6.1.3Plan Schedule Management:output
6.2Define Activities
6.2.1Define Activities: input
6.2.2Define Activities: tool & techniques
6.2.3Define Activities:output
6.3Sequence Activities
6.3.1Sequence Activities: input
6.3.2Sequence Activities: tool & techniques
6.3.3Sequence Activities:output
6.4Estimate Activity Durations
6.4.1Estimate Activity Durations: input
6.4.2Estimate Activity Durations: tool & techniques
6.4.3Estimate Activity Durations:output
6.5Develop Schedule
6.5.1Develop Schedule: input
6.5.2Develop Schedule: tool & techniques
6.5.3Develop Schedule:output
6.6Control schedule
6.6.1Control schedule: input
6.6.2Control schedule: tool & techniques
6.6.3Control schedule:output
Project Cost Management
7.1Plan cost Management
7.1.1Plan cost Management: input
7.1.2Plan cost Management: tool & techniques
7.1.3Plan cost Management:output
7.2Estimate costs
7.2.1Estimate costs: input
7.2.2Estimate costs: tool & techniques
7.2.3Estimate costs:output
7.3Determine Budget
7.3.1Determine Budget: input
7.3.2Determine Budget: tool & techniques
7.3.3Determine Budget:output
7.4Control Cost
7.4.1Control Cost: input
7.4.2Control Cost: tool & techniques
7.4.3Control Cost:output
Project Quality Management
8.1Plan Quality Management
8.1.1Plan Quality Management: input
8.1.2Plan Quality Management: tool & techniques
8.1.3Plan Quality Management:output
8.2Manage Quality
8.2.1Manage Quality: input
8.2.2Manage Quality: tool & techniques
8.2.3Manage Quality:output
8.3Control Quality
8.3.1Control Quality: input
8.3.2Control Quality: tool & techniques
8.3.3Control Quality:output
Project Resource Management
9.1Plan resource Management
9.1.1Plan resource Management: input
9.1.2Plan resource Management: tool & techniques
9.1.3Plan resource Management:output
9.2Estimate Activity resources
9.2.1Estimate Activity resources: input
9.2.2Estimate Activity resources: tool & techniques
9.2.3Estimate Activity resources:output
9.3Acquire Resources
9.3.1Acquire Resources: input
9.3.2Acquire Resources: tool & techniques
9.3.3Acquire Resources:output
9.4Develop Team
9.4.1Develop Team: input
9.4.2Develop Team: tool & techniques
9.4.3Develop Team:output
9.5Manage team
9.5.1Manage team: input
9.5.2Manage team: tool & techniques
9.5.3Manage team:output
9.6Control Resources
9.6.1Control Resources: input
9.6.2Control Resources: tool & techniques
9.6.3Control Resources:output
Project Communication Management
10.1Plan Communication Management
10.1.1Plan Communication Management: input
10.1.2Plan Communication Management: tool & techniques
10.1.3Plan Communication Management:output
10.2Manage Communications
10.2.1Manage Communications: input
10.2.2Manage Communications: tool & techniques
10.2.3Manage Communications:output
10.3Monitor Communication
10.3.1Monitor Communication: input
10.3.2Monitor Communication: tool & techniques
10.3.3Monitor Communication:output
Project Risk Management
11.1Plan risk management
11.1.1Plan risk management: input
11.1.2Plan risk management: tool & techniques
11.1.3Plan risk management:output
11.2Identify risk
11.2.1Identify risk: input
11.2.2Identify risk: tool & techniques
11.2.3Identify risk:output
11.3Perform qualitative risk analysis
11.3.1Perform qualitative risk analysis: input
11.3.2Perform qualitative risk analysis: tool & techniques
11.3.3Perform qualitative risk analysis:output
11.4Perform quantitative risk analysis
11.4.1Perform quantitative risk analysis: input
11.4.2Perform quantitative risk analysis: tool & techniques
11.4.3Perform quantitative risk analysis:output
11.5Plan risk responses
11.5.1Plan risk responses: input
11.5.2Plan risk responses: tool & techniques
11.5.3Plan risk responses:output
11.6Implement risk responses
11.6.1Implement risk responses: input
11.6.2Implement risk responses: tool & techniques
11.6.3Implement risk responses:output
11.7Monitor risks
11.7.1Monitor risks: input
11.7.2Monitor risks: tool & techniques
11.7.3Monitor risks:output
Project Procurement Management
12.1Plan procurement
12.1.1Plan procurement: input
12.1.2Plan procurement: tool & techniques
12.1.3Plan procurement:output
12.2Conduct Procurements
12.2.1Conduct Procurements: input
12.2.2Conduct Procurements: tool & techniques
12.2.3Conduct Procurements:output
12.3Control Procurements
12.3.1Control Procurements: input
12.3.2Control Procurements: tool & techniques
12.3.3Control Procurements:output
Project Stakeholder Management
13.1Identify Stakeholder engagement
13.1.1Identify Stakeholder engagement: input
13.1.2Identify Stakeholder engagement: tool & techniques
13.1.3Identify Stakeholder engagement:output
13.2Plan stakeholder engagement
13.2.1Plan stakeholder engagement: input
13.2.2Plan stakeholder engagement: tool & techniques
13.2.3Plan stakeholder engagement:output
13.3Manage stakeholder engagement
13.3.1Manage stakeholder engagement: input
13.3.2Manage stakeholder engagement: tool & techniques
13.3.3Manage stakeholder engagement:output
13.4Monitor Stakeholder engagement
13.4.1Monitor Stakeholder engagement: input
13.4.2Monitor Stakeholder engagement: tool & techniques
13.4.3Close Project or phase:output
1.1Project & Project Management
1.2Relationships among  project program portfolio & operational management
1.3Linking organizational governance and project governance
1.4Project success and benefit management
1.5The project life cycle
1.6Project stakeholders
1.7Role of project manager
1.8Project management knowledge areas
1.9Project management process group
1.10Enterprise environmental factors and organizational process asset
1.11Tailoring the project artifacts
Initiating Process Group
2.1Develop Project charter
2.2Identify Stakeholder
2.2.1Project Management Plan components
2.2.2Project Documents Examples
2.2.3Project Documents Plan Updates
2.2.4Project Documents Updates
Planning Process Group
3.1Develop Project management Plan
3.2Plan Scope Management
3.2.1Project Management Plan components
3.3Collect requirements
3.3.1Project Management Plan components
3.3.2Project Documents Examples
3.4Define Scope
3.4.1Project Management Plan components
3.4.2Project Documents Examples
3.4.3Project Documents Updates
3.5Create WBS
3.5.1Project Management Plan components
3.5.2Project Documents Examples
3.5.3Project Documents Updates
3.6Plan schedule Management
3.6.1Project Management Plan components
3.7Define activities
3.7.1Project Management Plan components
3.7.2Project Documents Updates
3.8Sequence Activities
3.8.1Project Management Plan components
3.8.2Project Documents Examples
3.8.3Project Documents Updates
3.9Estimate activity durations
3.9.1Project Management Plan components
3.9.2Project Documents Examples
3.9.3Project Documents Updates
3.10Develop schedule
3.10.1Project Management Plan components
3.10.2Project Documents Examples
3.10.3Project Documents Plan Updates
3.10.4Project Documents Updates
3.11Plan cost management
3.11.1Project Management Plan components
3.12Estimate Costs
3.12.1Project Management Plan components
3.12.2Project Documents Examples
3.12.3Project Documents Updates
3.13determine Budget
3.13.1Project Management Plan components
3.13.2Project Documents Examples
3.13.3Project Documents Updates
3.14Plan quality management
3.14.1Project Management Plan components
3.14.2Project Documents Examples
3.14.3Project Documents Plan Updates
3.14.4Project Documents Updates
3.15Plan resource management
3.15.1Project Management Plan components
3.15.2Project Documents Examples
3.15.3Project Documents Updates
3.16Estimates activity resources
3.16.1Project Management Plan components
3.16.2Project Documents Examples
3.16.3Project Documents Updates
3.17Plan communications management
3.17.1Project Management Plan components
3.17.2Project Documents Examples
3.17.3Project Documents Plan Updates
3.17.4Project Documents Updates
3.18Plan risk Management
3.18.1Project Management Plan components
3.18.2Project Documents Examples
3.19Identify risk
3.19.1Project Management Plan components
3.19.2Project Documents Examples
3.19.3Project Documents Updates
3.20Perform qualitative risk analysis
3.20.1Project Management Plan components
3.20.2Project Documents Examples
3.20.3Project Documents Updates
3.21Peform quantitative risk analysis
3.21.1Project Management Plan components
3.21.2Project Documents Examples
3.21.3Project Documents Updates
3.22Plan risk responses
3.22.1Project Management Plan components
3.22.2Project Documents Examples
3.22.3Project Documents Plan Updates
3.22.4Project Documents Updates
3.23Plan Procurement Management
3.23.1Project Management Plan components
3.23.2Project Documents Examples
3.23.3Project Documents Updates
3.24Plan Stakeholder engagement
3.24.1Project Management Plan components
3.24.2Project Documents Examples
Executing Process group
4.1Direct & manage Project work
4.1.1Project Management Plan components
4.1.2Project Documents Examples
4.1.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.1.4Project Documents Updates
4.2Manage Project Knowledge
4.2.1Project Management Plan components
4.2.2Project Documents
4.2.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.3Manage Quality
4.3.1Project Management Plan components
4.3.2Project Documents Examples
4.3.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.3.4Project Documents Updates
4.4Acquire Resources
4.4.1Project Management Plan components
4.4.2Project Documents Examples
4.4.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.4.4Project Documents Updates
4.5Develop team 
4.5.1Project Management Plan components
4.5.2Project Documents Examples
4.5.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.5.4Project Documents Updates
4.6Manage Team
4.6.1Project Management Plan components
4.6.2Project Documents Examples
4.6.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.6.4Project Documents Updates
4.7Manage Communications
4.7.1Project Management Plan components
4.7.2Project Documents Examples
4.7.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.7.4Project Documents Updates
4.8Implement Risk Responses
4.8.1Project Management Plan components
4.8.2Project Documents Examples
4.8.3Project Documents Updates
4.9Conduct Procurements
4.9.1Project Management Plan components
4.9.2Project Documents Examples
4.9.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.9.4Project Documents Updates
4.10Manage Stakeholder Engagement
4.10.1Project Management Plan components
4.10.2Project Documents Examples
4.10.3Project Documents Plan Updates
4.10.4Project Documents Updates
Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
5.1Monitoring & control Project work
5.1.1Project Management Plan components
5.1.2Project Documents Examples
5.1.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.1.4Project Documents Updates
5.2Perform Integrated change control
5.2.1Project Management Plan components
5.2.2Project Documents Examples
5.2.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.2.4Project Documents Updates
5.3Validate scope
5.3.1Project Management Plan components
5.3.2Project Documents Examples
5.3.3Project Documents Updates
5.4Control Scope
5.4.1Project Management Plan components
5.4.2Project Documents Examples
5.4.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.4.4Project Documents Updates
5.5Control Schedule
5.5.1Project Management Plan components
5.5.2Project Documents Examples
5.5.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.5.4Project Documents Updates
5.6Control Costs
5.6.1Project Management Plan components
5.6.2Project Documents Examples
5.6.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.6.4Project Documents Updates
5.7Control Quality
5.7.1Project Management Plan components
5.7.2Project Documents Examples
5.7.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.7.4Project Documents Updates
5.8Control Resources
5.8.1Project Management Plan components
5.8.2Project Documents Examples
5.8.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.8.4Project Documents Updates
5.9Monitor communications
5.9.1Project Management Plan components
5.9.2Project Documents Examples
5.9.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.9.4Project Documents Updates
5.10Monitor Risks
5.10.1Project Management Plan components
5.10.2Project Documents Examples
5.10.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.10.4Project Documents Updates
5.11Control Procurements
5.11.1Project Management Plan components
5.11.2Project Documents Examples
5.11.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.11.4Project Documents Updates
5.12Monitor stakeholder engagement
5.12.1Project Management Plan components
5.12.2Project Documents Examples
5.12.3Project Documents Plan Updates
5.12.4Project Documents Updates
Closing Process Group
6.1Close Project or phase
6.1.1Project Management plan components
6.1.2Project Documents examples
6.1.3Project Documents Updates


1.1Purpose of the PMBOK® Guide
1.2What is a Project?
1.2.1The Relationships Among Portfolios, Programs, and Projects
1.3What is Project Management?
1.4Relationships Among Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, and Organizational Project Management
1.4.1Program Management
1.4.2Portfolio Management
1.4.3Projects and Strategic Planning
1.4.4Project Management Office
1.5Relationship Between Project Management, Operations Management, and Organizational Strategy
Operations and Project Management
Organizations and Project Management
1.6Business Value
1.7Role of the Project Manager
Responsibilities and Competencies of the Project Manager
Interpersonal Skills of a Project Manager
1.8Project Management Body of Knowledge
2.1Organizational Influences on Project Management
2.1.1Organizational Cultures and Styles
2.1.2Organizational Communications
2.1.3Organizational Structures
2.1.4Organizational Process Assets
2.1.5Enterprise Environmental Factors
2.2Project Stakeholders and Governance
2.2.1Project Stakeholders
2.2.2Project Governance
2.2.3Project Success
2.3Project Team
2.3.1Composition of Project Teams
2.4Project Life Cycle
2.4.1Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle
2.4.2Project Phases
3.1Common Project Management Process Interactions
3.2Project Management Process Groups
3.3Initiating Process Group
3.4Planning Process Group
3.5Executing Process Group
3.6Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
3.7Closing Process Group
3.8Project Information
3.9Role of the Knowledge Areas
4.1Develop Project Charter
4.1.1Develop Project Charter: Inputs
4.1.2Develop Project Charter: Tools and Techniques
4.1.3Develop Project Charter: Outputs
4.2Develop Project Management Plan
4.2.1Develop Project Management Plan: Inputs
4.2.2Develop Project Management Plan: Tools and Techniques
4.2.3Develop Project Management Plan: Outputs
4.3Direct and Manage Project Work
4.3.1Direct and Manage Project Work: Inputs
4.3.2Direct and Manage Project Work: Tools and Techniques
4.3.3Direct and Manage Project Work: Outputs
4.4Monitor and Control Project Work
4.4.1Monitor and Control Project Work: Inputs
4.4.2Monitor and Control Project Work: Tools and Techniques
4.4.3Monitor and Control Project Work: Outputs
4.5Perform Integrated Change Control
4.5.1Perform Integrated Change Control: Inputs
4.5.2Perform Integrated Change Control: Tools and Techniques
4.5.3Perform Integrated Change Control: Outputs
4.6Close Project or Phase
4.6.1Close Project or Phase: Inputs
4.6.2Close Project or Phase: Tools and Techniques
4.6.3Close Project or Phase: Outputs
5.1Plan Scope Management
5.1.1Plan Scope Management: Inputs
5.1.2Plan Scope Management: Tools and Techniques
5.1.3Plan Scope Management: Outputs
5.2Collect Requirements
5.2.1Collect Requirements: Inputs
5.2.2Collect Requirements: Tools and Techniques
5.2.3Collect Requirements: Outputs
5.3Define Scope
5.3.1Define Scope: Inputs
5.3.2Define Scope: Tools and Techniques
5.3.3Define Scope: Outputs
5.4Create WBS
5.4.1Create WBS: Inputs
5.4.2Create WBS: Tools and Techniques
5.4.3Create WBS: Outputs
5.5Validate Scope
5.5.1Validate Scope: Inputs
5.5.2Validate Scope: Tools and Techniques
5.5.3Validate Scope: Outputs
5.6Control Scope
5.6.1Control Scope: Inputs
5.6.2Control Scope: Tools and Techniques
5.6.3Control Scope: Outputs
6.1Plan Schedule Management
6.1.1Plan Schedule Management: Inputs
6.1.2Plan Schedule Management: Tools and Techniques
6.1.3Plan Schedule Management: Outputs
6.2Define Activities
6.2.1Define Activities: Inputs
6.2.2Define Activities: Tools and Techniques
6.2.3Define Activities: Outputs
6.3Sequence Activities
6.3.1Sequence Activities: Inputs
6.3.2Sequence Activities: Tools and Techniques
6.3.3Sequence Activities: Outputs
6.4Estimate Activity Resources
6.4.1Estimate Activity Resources: Inputs
6.4.2Estimate Activity Resources: Tools and Techniques
6.4.3Estimate Activity Resources: Outputs
6.5Estimate Activity Durations
6.5.1Estimate Activity Durations: Inputs
6.5.2Estimate Activity Durations: Tools and Techniques
6.5.3Estimate Activity Durations: Outputs
6.6Develop Schedule
6.6.1Develop Schedule: Inputs
6.6.2Develop Schedule: Tools and Techniques
6.6.3Develop Schedule: Outputs
6.7Control Schedule
6.7.1Control Schedule: Inputs
6.7.2Control Schedule: Tools and Techniques
6.7.3Control Schedule: Outputs
7.1Plan Cost Management
7.1.1Plan Cost Management: Inputs
7.1.2Plan Cost Management: Tools and Techniques
7.1.3Plan Cost Management: Outputs
7.2Estimate Costs
7.2.1Estimate Costs: Inputs
7.2.2Estimate Costs: Tools and Techniques
7.2.3Estimate Costs: Outputs
7.3Determine Budget
7.3.1Determine Budget: Inputs
7.3.2Determine Budget: Tools and Techniques
7.3.3Determine Budget: Outputs
7.4Control Costs
7.4.1Control Costs: Inputs
7.4.2Control Costs: Tools and Techniques
7.4.3Control Costs: Outputs
8.1Plan Quality Management
8.1.1Plan Quality Management: Inputs
8.1.2Plan Quality Management: Tools and Techniques
8.1.3Plan Quality Management: Outputs
8.2Perform Quality Assurance
8.2.1Perform Quality Assurance: Inputs
8.2.2Perform Quality Assurance: Tools and Techniques
8.2.3Perform Quality Assurance: Outputs
8.3Control Quality
8.3.1Control Quality: Inputs
8.3.2Control Quality: Tools and Techniques
8.3.3Control Quality: Outputs
9.1Plan Human Resource Management
9.1.1Plan Human Resource Management: Inputs
9.1.2Plan Human Resource Management: Tools and Techniques
9.1.3Plan Human Resource Management: Outputs
9.2Acquire Project Team
9.2.1Acquire Project Team: Inputs
9.2.2Acquire Project Team: Tools and Techniques
9.2.3Acquire Project Team: Outputs
9.3Develop Project Team
9.3.1Develop Project Team: Inputs
9.3.2Develop Project Team: Tools and Techniques
9.3.3Develop Project Team: Outputs
9.4Manage Project Team
9.4.1Manage Project Team: Inputs
9.4.2Manage Project Team: Tools and Techniques
9.4.3Manage Project Team: Outputs
10.1Plan Communications Management
10.1.1Plan Communications Management: Inputs
10.1.2Plan Communications Management: Tools and Techniques
10.1.3Plan Communications Management: Outputs
10.2Manage Communications
10.2.1Manage Communications: Inputs
10.2.2Manage Communications: Tools and Techniques
10.2.3Manage Communications: Outputs
10.3Control Communications
10.3.1Control Communications: Inputs
10.3.2Control Communications: Tools and Techniques
10.3.3Control Communications: Outputs
11.1Plan Risk Management
11.1.1Plan Risk Management: Inputs
11.1.2Plan Risk Management: Tools and Techniques
11.1.3Plan Risk Management: Outputs
11.2Identify Risks
11.2.1Identify Risks: Inputs
11.2.2Identify Risks: Tools and Techniques
11.2.3Identify Risks: Outputs
11.3Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
11.3.1Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis: Inputs
11.3.2Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis: Tools and Techniques
11.3.3Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis: Outputs
11.4Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
11.4.1Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis: Inputs
11.4.2Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis: Tools and Techniques
11.4.3Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis: Outputs
11.5Plan Risk Responses
11.5.1Plan Risk Responses: Inputs
11.5.2Plan Risk Responses: Tools and Techniques
11.5.3Plan Risk Responses: Outputs
11.6Control Risks
11.6.1Control Risks: Inputs
11.6.2Control Risks: Tools and Techniques
11.6.3Control Risks: Outputs
12.1Plan Procurement Management
12.1.1Plan Procurement Management: Inputs
12.1.2Plan Procurement Management: Tools and Techniques
12.1.3Plan Procurement Management: Outputs
12.2Conduct Procurements
12.2.1Conduct Procurements: Inputs
12.2.2Conduct Procurements: Tools and Techniques
12.2.3Conduct Procurements: Outputs
12.3Control Procurements
12.3.1Control Procurements: In
12.3.2Control Procurements: Tools and Techniques
12.3.3Control Procurements: Outputs
12.4Close Procurements
12.4.1Close Procurements: Inputs
12.4.2Close Procurements: Tools and Techniques
12.4.3Close Procurements: Outputs
13.1Identify Stakeholders
13.1.1Identify Stakeholders: Inputs
13.1.2Identify Stakeholders: Tools and Techniques
13.1.3Identify Stakeholders: Outputs
13.2Plan Stakeholder Management
13.2.1Plan Stakeholder Management: Inputs
13.2.2Plan Stakeholder Management: Tools and Techniques
13.2.3Plan Stakeholder Management: Outputs
13.3Manage Stakeholder Engagement
13.3.1Manage Stakeholder Engagement: Inputs
13.3.2Manage Stakeholder Engagement: Tools and Techniques
13.3.3Manage Stakeholder Engagement: Outputs
13.4Control Stakeholder Engagement
13.4.1Control Stakeholder Engagement: Inputs
13.4.2Control Stakeholder Engagement: Tools and Techniques
13.4.3Control Stakeholder Engagement: Outputs
Appendix X2 Contributors and Reviewers of the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition

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